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Better Planning: Child Care Tips From The Frontline

Hello. I'm a mum with seven children under ten years of age. As you can imagine, all aspects of child care have become the centre of my life. Finding child-friendly products, appropriate play groups and suitable child care facilities are challenges I face on a daily basis. Of course, I'm much more relaxed now after seven children, and I know exactly what products, play groups, and facilities to look for. I figured that other parents might be able to use some of the hacks I've learnt along the way. I hope you find my entries entertaining and informative. Happy parenting!

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Better Planning: Child Care Tips From The Frontline

Essential Factors to Look For in Child Care Centres

by Soledad Gomez

Many reasons exist why parents to choose to take their children to child care centres or even for vacation care. The reasons notwithstanding, there are essential factors that one has to consider when choosing child care centres.


When choosing a care centre, the first thing that you need to check is whether it has accreditation. Having accreditation entails having an up-to-date certification that confers them the authority to operate the facility. Before you take your child to the centre, do not shy away from asking about the latest inspection report that is normally undertaken by the authorities in charge. Having the certification by the centre is an affirmation that all the necessary checks and balances are adhered to. In such a centre, you are sure of your child's custody and can take any kind of legal action against the centre in case of any unfortunate incident.

Capability to Support Child's Development

No parent would want to go for a child care centre that does not support the development and learning of their child. While choosing child care centres, there are many areas of development that have to be considered including physical, intellectual, social and emotional developments. You want a centre where your child will be taught basics of alphabets and sounds while at the same time engaged in games. For a child to develop the centre must consider integrating outdoor activities as much as possible in the care of the children. The outdoor activities are beneficial as they mainly help in development cognitive skills among the children.

Progression in Learning

When selecting the best care centre, consider those that have other classes apart from the childcare program. This means that when your child is done with care, he or she can proceed to baby class then nursery within the same institution. Remember, your child will have made friends and get used to the vacation care environment that moving him or her to a new place may prove to be stressful. You can consider also child care centres that provide care to children both before and after school. At least as a parent, you can be assured that the child care requirements are taken care of for several years.


Quality child care centres stick to nutritious meals for children. Check at the nature of meals that are offered at the centre and the regularity of the food serving. Best child care centres will not skip meals and will make follow up on children's health status.